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Super News

Hey guys, the other day, something incredible happened to me!

I pierced the tip of my foreskin with a rusty nail, that I fixed to my flat's ceiling, to which I got hanged for about 6 hours (I lost my nail remover).

That's when I discovered that a foreskin can reach about 30 meters when stretched to the max... The problem now is that it falls into the toilet bowl every time I go to take a piss, so I had to tape it to my balls, and use a complex system of funnels and sluice to be able to pee peacefully (while whistling).

However, after some time, you get to master your new size: I managed to create a new method mixing yoga and masturbation and I'm now able to maintain a curved erection (which is mandatory to avoid damaging my ceiling). This open the path to enless possibilities, eventually, I hope to use that oversized shlong as a transportation device, a little bit like the marsupilami, if you see what I mean.

Anyway I can only recommend this fine new trick, much more efficient that all the penis enlargment pills you can find on the web!

There, I hope this incredible story will be inspiring for you, and most of all, I hope you won't judge me.