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Overkiller is now on Webtoon!

We moved the “read the comics” section to Webtoon! Which will allow us to post a new episode of Overkiller every week!! Yep, it’s in the middle of thousands of koreen romance comics that you will now get your Overkiller fix!!

Like every other platforms, please to subscribe, comment and like our episodes, it will help us get new readers, which we need if we want to print our comics in English!!

A runner game with the bear rapist?!!?

Sometimes what you need to do the dumbest projects in your life is a globe-scaled pandemic and an 8 month lockdown… So today, we proudly presents RACE IN THE DEEPWOODS!! The first game about bears getting chased by a naked dude… Playable for free, right here with your favorite web browser!

Escape from the bear rapist, beat the bosses, unlock bears of various abilities, and challenge the other members of the Overkiller Klub by making the highest score possible in this game full of love and bears!!!

PS: Don’t forget to connect to the Overkiller Klub to keep your progress!

Where the hell is Vol 2???

“Ok, I’ve read vol 1 on your website, that’s nice and all, but there’s only one chapter of volume 2 here and you guys are already babbling about founding volume 3? What the hell is going on? Where do I throw my money to get things done around here?”

Yeaaaah well the thing is, we’re planning to crowdfound the printing of the english version of both volume 1 and 2 on kickstarter! So rest assured you will be able to hold this epic story in your hands very soon! We will keep the Overkiller Klub members informed when it will be out so don’t hesitate to sign in!

Pédomon! Gotta grab them all!!

While the funding bar is progressing, we are also making progress on volume 3! So, because we’re nice like that, we decided to give you a little taste by sharing some of Rod’s beautiful storyboards on our Loot page!!! As a bonus, please enjoy the charming gif above! Go check out the storyboards by clicking on it to understand the context (yes yes there is one !)

The Overkiller Gamebook!!

Come and discover our Gamebook, fully playable online! Live the thrilling life of Lancelot Dupuis, the unprofessional assassin known as Overkiller! Will you rather shoot in the head or kick in the balls? Make tough choices that will affect YOUR adventure!

Experience the dumbest situations possible, try to unlock all the beautiful illustrations drawn by our illustrator Rod, or try to beat the high score and appear in the Overkiller Klub‘s Hall of Fame! (Don’t forget to log in for your score to be taken into account).

Super News

Hey guys, the other day, something incredible happened to me!

I pierced the tip of my foreskin with a rusty nail, that I fixed to my flat's ceiling, to which I got hanged for about 6 hours (I lost my nail remover).

That's when I discovered that a foreskin can reach about 30 meters when stretched to the max... The problem now is that it falls into the toilet bowl every time I go to take a piss, so I had to tape it to my balls, and use a complex system of funnels and sluice to be able to pee peacefully (while whistling).

However, after some time, you get to master your new size: I managed to create a new method mixing yoga and masturbation and I'm now able to maintain a curved erection (which is mandatory to avoid damaging my ceiling). This open the path to enless possibilities, eventually, I hope to use that oversized shlong as a transportation device, a little bit like the marsupilami, if you see what I mean.

Anyway I can only recommend this fine new trick, much more efficient that all the penis enlargment pills you can find on the web!

There, I hope this incredible story will be inspiring for you, and most of all, I hope you won't judge me.