3,50 $

RatnikOFF's profile

RatnikOFF 's clearly our favorite Overkiller Klub member! RatnikOFF has the 610th biggest bounty of the Overkiller Klub with 14 855 dollars.
Check out that pretty face:

New achievement unlocked
A man who had nothing
(Finish the game for the first time.)

14 855


14 855

14 855 $

prominent member of the Overkiller Klub criminal association

RatnikOFF has a bigger bounty than you! You would gladly redesign his poster, but you should improve your reputation a little first!

RatnikOFF did not contribute to the Overkiller Loot. RatnikOFF already offers his strongest moral support to the authors of Overkiller, even if they you'd rather get some cash.

RatnikOFF only wrote one comment! But we're still laughing about it! Those shady exchanges raised his bounty by 500 dollars!

RatnikOFF didn't draw any Fan-art! Maybe for lack of knowing how to draw, who knows? But no doubt it will come! And when it does, we will.

RatnikOFF scored 1369 in Race In The Deepwoods !RatnikOFF didn't run a lot, maybe he wants to be caught up? You can challenge his highscore if you login to the Overkiller Klub! This unhealthy love for bears earned him a bonus of 100 dollars on his bounty!

RatnikOFF unlocked 1 achievements in Race In The Deepwoods&! RatnikOFF just opened the game to see what it was all about, but ran away when he saw the bear rapist! These heroic accomplishments have brought him 1000 dollars on his bounty!

RatnikOFF has done 1 pull-ups! RatnikOFF has clearly demonstrated that a person of his stature has much better things to do with his days than tickle a button on a site. What a VIP! In view of this impressive performance, the authorities have seen fit to increase his bounty by 5 dollars!

RatnikOFF got a score of 95 to the Overkiller Gamebook, but we know it's just a warm-up before doing much better! This mastery in the art of assassination has raised the bounty on his head from 4750 dollars!

RatnikOFF has unlocked 17 artworks in the Overkiller Gamebook, proof of a certain taste for art! The estimated value of these dark trophies was carried over to his bounty, up to 8500 dollars!

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