3,50 $

Here, you can see how far we are to fund Overkiller volume, thanks to our amazing FUNDING BAR!

14000€ 28000€ 42000€ 52000€ 60000€


This bar shows the combined effort of all our fans who wants Overkiller to continue! You can make it progress in real time by buying our comics and other goodies in our store, or you can even directly donate some cash by moving the below bar. All the money you give us will also increase your Overkiller Klub bounty!

2€! Cling! Thanks for your kind heart!

Where will all that money go?

As you can see on the bar, there's a few steps which, when they will be reached, will allow us to progress on the volume 3! Let's have a closer look:

Storyboard: Rod takes Fred's raw script and start transposing it to comics format. He's basically creating draft of all the action scenes, placing the bubbles, defining the scenes, do panel layout, etc. It's basically the most important job! The volume 3 will be about 140 pages big so it's not going to be an easy task!

Here are some of them! We'll be posting more as we go along, so feel free to come back here from time to time!

Inking: Rod draws the page and ink them! From here, it's starting to look really cool!

Color: The colorist (probably Nelly, the artist working on the webcomic!), will bring a little bit of joy and color in our life! But it's not going to be a child play, we're asking for top level!!

Publishing: This is all the extra money we need for marketing, goodies, festivals, travel expenses. Mandatory for us to bring Overkiller to everyone in the world!

Printing: No surprise here, that money will go to the printer in order to print a few tons of comics!

You now know everything about comics making! Of course it's like a lot of money because Overkiller is a professional team, and we want our artists to make a living out of it. Yet, a few guys are not included in this bar: Fred (the scenarist) and Jérôme (our publisher). They will take the leftovers, so even if we reach more than our initial objective, please keep on supporting us!

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